Wednesday 30 May 2012

Witch and Tree

This one came out of a recent doodle session. I wasn't really expecting to take it quite this far but I started with the head of the witch and her curly-que hat. From there I completed her little body with umbrella and wooden shoes, which led to the ground and the wild flowers. That took me down the path, over the bridge and up to the front door with it's complimentary curly-que hinge. The tree quickly followed as did several windows, a couple of roof peaks and a chimney. Pure fun.

Thanks again everyone for following me on my new blog. I very much appreciate the support.

More soon.

Tally Ho !

Saturday 19 May 2012


Once again I find myself thinking about Hobbits. With Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies just around the corner and excitement steadily growing on line, I can't help wondering how these films will be. His LOTR films had many spectacular moments in them and I have high hopes that his new films will also. In that spirit here are a couple of quick impressions of two of my favourite Hobbits - Lobelia Sackville Baggins, the old sour puss and Gaffer Gamgee the steadfast gardener.

More soon.


Sunday 13 May 2012

Faraway Cottage

Update - Miss Magnolia P. of Tobermory has recently retracted her statement concerning the unnatural  incidents of March 16 which have thrown such a shadow over the good and respectable name of Faraway Cottage. It is our happy duty to report that this worthy Bed and Breakfast is no longer considered to be haunted and the east staircase has been cleared of all wrong doing. Miss P's desire for attention has now been satisfied and she wishes to be left alone. Everything is getting back to normal. The cats have taken up their usual stations and the kitchen is once again in full operation. The rooms are as cozy as ever and the best view in the entire county can still be had from the topmost balcony overlooking the fields and hills to the north. All is well.

Breakfast is still at 7:00.

See you there.

More soon.


Thursday 10 May 2012

Wild Wood Nymph and Faun

A couple of recently observed characters. The Pine Woods north and east of Gwelf will be the scene of much activity now that the warm weather has arrived. The Faun pictured above is a harmless creature and if spotted should not be feared. He is helpful and kind and responds well to gifts of food and drink. The Wild Wood Nymph pictured below is not quite as common or easily observed as the Faun. You will however, know her by her distinctive appearance, small stature, floral fragrance and blatant sexuality. Her close association with local witches makes her and her kind some of the most dangerous creatures in the forest. She is both the rose and the thorn and contact with her will only bring sadness and pain.

Proceed with caution - keep an eye on the shadows - more soon.


Monday 7 May 2012


Hello and welcome to my new blog. This will be my home from now on and I will be starting over here. Thanks so much for stopping by.

More soon.