Wednesday 30 May 2012

Witch and Tree

This one came out of a recent doodle session. I wasn't really expecting to take it quite this far but I started with the head of the witch and her curly-que hat. From there I completed her little body with umbrella and wooden shoes, which led to the ground and the wild flowers. That took me down the path, over the bridge and up to the front door with it's complimentary curly-que hinge. The tree quickly followed as did several windows, a couple of roof peaks and a chimney. Pure fun.

Thanks again everyone for following me on my new blog. I very much appreciate the support.

More soon.

Tally Ho !


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  2. What a nice little cute witch and house! Well, maybe she isn't totally nice... always gotta be careful around little witches in the forest :) I love her cane and hat too!

  3. Thanks C. Yes, it is best to be careful around strangers in the woods, especially when they are small and witchy.